Observation and interjection.

Create a painting or series of paintings reacting to a specific location around campus. These paintings will then be installed in the location (temporarily) and photographed in the location. How does painting, illusion, text, design, abstract affect a location? How does the interjection of painting affect place?

Jacob Dalhgren

As the second instalment of ‘the art march,’ Demonstration 14th of June departs from the traditional protest setting, becoming instead a sort of a pilgrimage, a building of community and as was the case, a short test of endurance. 35 participants, each carrying a recreation of Olle Baertling’s abstract painting in the form of a placard, initially imagined a short and/or circular walk; the reality was instead a 3 hour-long hike throughout the San Francisco countryside. Diverting from Demonstration 5 December 2007, this performance employs Baertling’s images as a tool for experience and the building of comaraderie, rather than the sole primary material for this performance work.


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