THE OBJECT OF PAINTING Create a work utilizing an object (either found or constructed) as part of your painted work. Paintings, whether they are a flat representation of an image or an abstraction, are objects as well. How do they function? As a window, as a form, as a panel or piece in a larger […]

In this project we will be working with the idea of Metamorphosis with a particular focus on process and/or sequence. Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. Do something else to it. — Jasper Johns PROCESS There are many artists whose work come about through a highly developed process. Some […]

OBSERVATION: Aspect TWO – PLACE Observation and interjection. Create a painting or series of paintings reacting to a specific location around campus. These paintings will then be installed in the location (temporarily) and photographed in the location. How does painting, illusion, text, design, abstract affect a location? How does the interjection of painting affect place? […]

OBSERVATION: ASPECT ONE – Sensory What is it to observe something? How do we observe a person, place or thing? Is it with just our eyes? As artists what roll does observation play for you? What makes your subject of observation interesting to you? Do we affect something by observing it? Does it affect us? […]

Wednesday    Aug. 29     Introductions, course overview, discussion on what painting is. Monday     Sept. 3    LABOR DAY Wednesday    Sept. 5        OBSERVATION: Aspect ONE – SENSORY Explanation and beginning of Aspect ONE Lecture and discussion on the role of observation Monday     Sept.10    Studio Work Wednesday     Sept. 12     OBSERVATION: Aspect TWO – […]